An Institution with Minority Status run by the Catholic  Diocese of Alleppey

1. The students of St. Michael's College maintain the self respect and dignity expected of an inmate of a well disciplined institution; neat dress, refined talk, politeness, courteous dealings and chivalry are their specialties. Besides punctuality and regular attendance, respect for seniors and subordination to teachers characterize their behavior. Students strictly abide by rules that forbid them from smoking, drinking, using mobile Phones and indulging in political activities on the Campus. Strict disciplinary actions are initiated against those including  evident misbehavior and subversion of general discipline.

2. Admission to various degree courses are made strictly in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down by the university. Only those with genuine intention of academic pursuits and docility to the discipline of the college are admitted. Admissions are made only on the production of the requisite certificates.

3. The classes are conducted from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Every day begins with a morning prayer and ends with a prayer of thanks giving. Attendance is compulsory and absentees as well as late comers are refused attendance. Continuous absence will invite severe penal measures.

4. The academic year consisting of three terms, ordinarily begins in June and ends in March with intervening holidays in the seasons of Onam and Christmas. Students are required to complete the course of instructions within stipulated period and undergo a course of physical training simultaneously. Students are expected to pay their tuition fee for the year in lump or semester wise. The special fees are paid at the beginning of the year. Fees are charged under several heads like Admission fee, Tuition fee, Library fee, Calendar fee, Health service fee, laboratory fee etc. as prescribed by the university. A small amount is also realised from    , the students as caution deposit which will be refunded to them after adiustinq dues if any.

5. Students who do not stay with their parents or guardians shuld reside in the college hostel or lodgings approved by the Principal.

6. To assess the progress of the students, general examinations are conducted by the college at the end of the first and second term respectively. Special test papers are also given from time to time at the discretion of the teachers. Exemption from such examinations is given only on production of medical certificate and malpractices on such occasions are severely dealt with. Every student is required to undergo a medical inspection on admission to the college and the port of this medical inspection is forwarded to the  the university.

7. The students are provided an opportunity to get their best literary and artistic creations published in the college magazine which maintainsa high standard. The college library is open from 9AM to 5.PM. on all working days and complements the class hours and hones the reading skills of the students. We have a afairly large library with all the necessary reading materials like books, magazines, news papers and journals. Strict silence is maintained in the library to provide conducive atmosphere for reading. Books are lent both to fthe students and to the members of the staff

8 Various scholarships and cash prizes are provided to the students to motivate them in their academic activities. These scholarships have been instituted by  prominent individuals and the staff of the college to boost the perfomances  the students of merit and caliber.

Students are expected to conduct themselves with the self respect and dignity of the children of God.

2. They should be neat in their dress, refined in their talk, polite and courteous in their dealings with all, and ready to lend a helping hand as and when occasion arises.  
3. They should give due regard and respect to seniors and superiors.  
4. When a student meets a member of the staff of the College he/ she should greet him/her respectfully.  
5. When a teacher enters the classroom, students must stand up and must not sit until he invites them to do so or he himself takes a seat.  
6. They should show themselves to be lovers of good order and decorum.
7. They should be punctual and disciplined in attending classes and any academic or extracurricular function arranged for them.
8. They should avoid ill-mannered noise making behaviour on the College campus.  
9. Smoking is prohibited on the College campus and intoxicants are forbidden as well.
10. Irregular attendance, insubordination to the Principal or teachers, habitual indifference to studies, obscenity in word or deed or evident misconduct, any of the above  is sufficient reason for the permanent or  temporary dismissal of a student.  
11. They are forbidden from writing or making any mark on the furniture or walls or any part of the College premises and from throwing paper or ink in the classrooms.
12. Every student shall wear his/her identity card on the campus and produce it on demand.
13. Those who cause damage or loss to college properties will be liable for disciplinary action.
14. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing motor vehicles to the campus.
15. Students are strictly  forbidden from using mobile phones on the campus.
16. Students are exhorted to handle the college property with  care and to do everything in their power to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of buildings and furniture.  
17. No notices shall be circulated among students or pasted anywhere within the College premises without the  written permission of the Principal.
18. No meeting of any kind shall be held by the students within the college premises.
19. Students shall not take part in or attend any political   meeting or engage in any public movement or activity that is  subversive of good order.  
20. All political activities are banned on the campus  by order No.CI/ e4.  Students are strictly prohibited from taking part or giving leadership to any agitation, demonstration, strike, dharna, gherao and such other activities which shall  disrupt the class or cause threat to the peaceful atmosphere on the campus. 21.    Students are strictly forbidden from entering  classrooms other than theirs.  
22. Any student under suspension is forbidden from entering the college campus.
23. Any student who disrupts class by unauthorised entry in the classrooms or picketing is liable to be expelled from the College.
24. Ragging is totally banned in the institution and anyone found guilty of ragging and / or abetting ragging is liable to be punished by section 8 of UGC regulation No.F. 1-16/2007 (CPP-II) April, 2009 on curbing the  menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, and also by the relevant verdicts of the Hon. Supreme Court and High Court and the orders of State and Center

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