An Institution with Minority Status run by the Catholic  Diocese of Alleppey


The college has constituted the IQAC on 5th October 2004 with stipulated norms to channelize the efforts taken by this Institution towards academic excellence during the post accreditation period.


Functions of IQAC

  • Development and application of quality benchmarks in various activities of the college
  • Dissemination of information on quality aspects 
  • Organization of discussion, seminars, workshop and promotion of quality circles
  • Recording and monitoring quality measures of the Institution
  • Acting as a nodal agency of the Institution for quality related activities
  • Preparation of the annual quality assurance report (AQAR) and such other reports as may be decided from time to time


  • Regular training programmes for the faculty and the administrative staff
  • Technological advancement and accessibility to students
  • Inculcation of values through creative value education programmes
  • Encourage the use of information and Communication Technology(ICT)  in the enhancement of Teaching process
  • Plans and monitor student progress
  • Execute reliable student evaluation process
  • Promote the faculty to undertake research work,
  • Support minor and major research  projects
  • Encourage community service undertaken by undertaken by various clubs, association and individuals
  • Promote the optimum use of the Library
  • Being agent for the Upgradation of Library
  • Annual evaluation of the departments  by the IQAC peer team
  • Maintenance of various reports
  • Preparation of AQAR based on the inputs from each department
  • Act as a bridge between the various stake holders  



I.      Fr. Solomon Charanghat, Manager   

II.     Dr. Mathew V., Principal & Chairman

III.    Sri. A. B.  John Joseph, Management Secretary

IV.    Dr. Suresh Arckattil

VI.    Prof. P.A. Dominic, Head, Department of Malayalam

VII.   Prof. K.G. Thadevoose, Head, Department of Economics     

VIII.  Dr. Sreedhar P. Nair, Head, Department of Commerce

IX.    Dr. P. Manoj, Head, Department of Chemistry

X.     Sri. V.R. Vinod, Office Superintendent

XI.    Sri. Antony Kuriakose P.

XII.   Dr. John Thomas

XIII.  Smt. Tessy Lalachan



We envisage a college with Potential for Excellence 



1. Annual Quality Assurance Reports







2. Self Study Report Cycle 2

Please click here to view the final copy of the Self Study Report



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