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Innovations and Best Practices of the Department

                The Department of English has been keen in reviving its policies every year so as to suit the needs the of the evolving student community. Its transition into the status of Core Department has made the revision even more essential. The faculty of the department after a careful consideration of the present scenario chalked out a variety of innovative and productive practices that has brought a major change in the English language use among the students. They are as follows.



1. Proficiency Hub

                The programme is designed for I B. A. English students who have a poor history of English language learning. It intends to instil in students an uncompromised ability to contend the accurate use of language. The programme demands the students to submit in writing different articles on different days. On Mondays, students are supposed to write an article on any topic, on Tuesdays, ten new words, on Wednesdays, ten sentences constructed using the words learned on the previous day, on Thursdays, a paragraph from any news article or magazine and on Fridays, ten sentence translations. A book has been kept aside for this purpose. The students have been asked to submit the written work without any fail to their mentors every day.


2. Inter-disciplinary Pedagogy

                Ambitious and aspiring students are the target of this programme. Students who have been portraying exemplary performance during the previous academic years are chosen to engage a class for B. A. English students on any one of the topics prescribed in their syllabus. Ample time is provided to the chosen students for carrying out preparations on the topic. Feedbacks from the students are also taken so as to give the students a review on the class.


3. Lab Visits

                To confine oneself to the four walls of the classroom is to limit one’s ability to transcend the boundaries of subject, limited knowledge and intelligence. Realizing this, the Department of English has chalked out a brilliant plan that involves visiting labs and other infrastructure set up on the campus. The students of B. A. English are the receivers of this programme. The students have already visited the Zoology Lab, Museum and Garden under this programme. Further visits are under consideration.


4. English Language and Intelligence Testing Examination (ELITE)

                The Department of English which recently transmuted into a core department has chalked out a slew of activities that tests, evaluates and improves the skills and abilities of its students. ELITE is one such activity in which the students come vis-a-vis an entrance examination which is designed to extract overall information regarding the language skills as well as the Intelligence Quotient of the taker. ELITE was conducted on 20-07-2014 for the fresh batch of B. A. English and for those students who were admitted late, ELITE was conducted on 25-08-2014.


5. Library and Co-operative Store Survey

                The department, foreseeing its plan to conduct a linguistic survey in the neighbouring community of St. Michael’s College, made its students acquaint themselves with the process of survey-taking by making them take an experimental survey of the Library and Co-operative store functioning on the campus on 14-07-2014. The students were split into two groups and were asked to conduct the survey on assigned destinations. The report of the survey was presented and submitted to the Head of the Department. Suggestions received from the students were also sent to the store and library.


6. Class Monitoring Officer System
To maintain decorum and discipline, to facilitate easy and smooth interaction between the department and its students and to instil the quality of leadership, the department inaugurated the Class Monitoring Officer (CMO) system on 10-07-2014. Two students based on their sterling performance in the ELITE entrance test were selected as the CMO’s for the first semester. Appointments are made during every semester to ensure that everybody gets a chance to be at the helm.


7. Literary Fests

                The Department of English conducts a literary fest towards the end of every academic year. The fest which was introduced on an experimental basis in 2012 has scaled into a fully fledged activity. A variety of competitions such as Essay Writing Competition, Short Story Writing Competition, Poetry Writing Competition, and Creative Writing Competition are conducted as part of this programme. The Department is looking forward to an inter-collegiate literary fest during the 2015-2016 academic year as a step to widen the programme’s horizon.


8. Language Training

                So as to make an efficient use of the Language Lab allotted by the management, the department has designed language training activities that aim at the betterment of the English language usage of students. Students, ten each, are taken to the lab during free hours and are given intensive training in language through the variety of activities installed on the computers. The activities not only rectify the errors related to pronunciation but also the errors related to accent and stress. The programme is open for all the students and even the staff of the college.

9. Skill Development Classes with Local Bodies

                The scenario that a graduate student confronts, once he leaves the boundaries of a campus, is one that is replete with competitions and rivalry. To survive such a setting every student needs to be equipped not only at the academic realm but also at the realms of interpersonal and soft skills. Realising the crucial role played by these skills, the Department of English facilitates the participation of its students in training camps organised by local bodies. Selected thirty students have already participated in a “Leadership Training Camp” designed and organised by the V. C. Antony Centre on the 22nd of November, 2014, at Leo XIIIth Higher Secondary School, Alappuzha.


10. Debates and Discussions

                The Department of English in jointure with the Book Club, Seshat, and Library organises debates and discussions on contemporary and relevant topics to strengthen the societal relationship of its students. The last debate happened on the ‘Cinematisation of Novels and the Consequent Death of Readers’. The programme intends to impart not only a sense of query to its takers but also the capability to comment and criticise.


Best Practices

1. Anglican Wednesday

                To set the standards high on the campus the Department of English has introduced the system titled 'Anglican Wednesday' which insists on an English speaking community within the campus on all Wednesdays. The endeavour which is the brain-child of Rev. Fr. Titus Augustine, H.o.D, has definitely earned roots on the campus. The venture is an example of the department's constant strive to bring out the best in students and also the other members of the Michaelean community

2. Campus Times

                 The department has envisaged and materialised a literary platform exclusively for the staff and students of St. Michael's College. The endeavour which has been titled Campus Times is a weekly magazine which is an accumulation of the literary and non-literary write ups by the members of Michaelean community. Rev. Fr. Titus Augustine, H.o.D of English Department is assigned with the charge of the compilation and publishing of the magazine.


3. ARK- A Random act of Kindness

                      The Department of English, in spite of its recent genesis as a Core Department, has materialised many innovative and challenging programmes. Among these programmes comes ARK which stands for A Random act of Kindness. The programme has been exclusively chalked out for the B. A. English students of St. Michael’s College. Visits to Orphanages, Old-age Homes, Institutions for the Differently-abled are some among the various activities planned under this project.


4. Linguistic Survey

                   The Department of English once again showcased its responsibility and dedication towards the society with the Linguistic Survey it conducted on 16th of December, 2014. The Department which recently assumed the role of a Core Department has been constantly striving to make its presence felt on the campus through the slew of activities conducted under its aegis. The students were split into groups and sent to various regions in the neighbourhood with their mentors from where they gathered information regarding the linguistic capabilities of the residents. A questionnaire was prepared beforehand to serve this purpose. The students had already been acquainted with the survey procedures through the Library and Co-operative Store survey conducted by the department previously. Hence the students found least difficulty in traversing through the survey procedures. Around 40 families were visited and around 80 people were interviewed. A detailed report of the survey shall be prepared by the Department of English in unison with the Department of Economics.

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