An Institution with Minority Status run by the Catholic  Diocese of Alleppey

Department Level Organisations

       Quality Circle

                The department is conducting an innovative programme called Quality Circle to improve the learning skills and academic performance. Under this scheme the students are grouped into different circles and sitting together during free hours and holidays. The focal point is academic excellence through betterment of results.


                AD4COMS (Additions for Commerce Students) is a capacity building venture of the PG Department of Commerce. It strives to empower the students with additional skills for their all round development. Various skill development activities, expert seminars, quiz programes and communication programes are conducted every year for the empowerment of commerce students.


                CARE4COMS (Career for Commerce Students) is career planning forum established by the Department of Commerce. It organises interactive sessions for the students with HR executives of the various industries to make them aware of the imminent career prospects and the required skills.


                The acronym ‘COMMUNE’ stands for Commerce Union for Excellence.  It aims at upbringing the Commerce students in the areas of art, literature and culture. The vision of COMMUNE is that excellence means all round success and so excellence of Commerce students due emphasis must be given to these areas of life. Every year, COMMUNE organises programes to offer students apposite room to unveil their hidden talents in art, literature and culture. Eminent personalities and Celebrities in these areas participate and encourage the students during the programes of COMMUNE.

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