An Institution with Minority Status run by the Catholic  Diocese of Alleppey

Department of Zoology

St. Michael’s College established in 1967 as a junior college marked a pronounced shift in its educational responsibility by introducing the first degree department in 1976.  As the pioneering department, the Department of Zoology under the eminent Head of the Department, Prof. K.V. Ummachan bated its way through hurdles to become a paradigm for the departments to come. Besides inculcating the treasured human values and discipline it takes upon itself the cardinal responsibility of transforming a student of zoology into a lover of fauna. With the built up area of 4000 sq. feet the department has arranged state-of-the-art facilities for the study of zoology including a Museum with rare specimen,Vivarium, exotic collection of zoological curiosities and a Physiological Lab fully equipped to meet the needs of the students. The department engages in out-reach activities and service for the development of the society through the dissemination of knowledge.Besides offering B.Sc. Degree course in Zoology and an array of services, it opens avenues of job-oriented courses like environment biology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics before  the young aspirants.


Vision : Holistic development of the students  in an eco-friendly way.


Mission Department aims at the overall development and moulding of students in various areas viz. education, health, social life, values, conservation of nature etc. through curricular and co-curricular activities.

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