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Department of English

        Ever since the inception of the college in 1967, the Department of English has left no stone unturned to bring home the lingua Franca to the students of various disciplines. Dedicated service and dynamic growth have always remained the watchwords of the department as it took upon itself the onerous task of unlocking the immense potential of English language to a group of youngsters, by and large, averse to it on account of their prejudiced perception and lack of exposure. In the initial stages the faculty of the department taught the Pre-Degree students who had to learn English as the first language. From these humble beginnings, the department graduated to the higher level of imparting training to the various degree courses in the science and art streams. With a track record of four and a half decades of unblemished service under the efficient leadership of veteran English teachers, the department has established itself as one of the most important segments of learning in the college. Besides improving the communicative skills of the students, the department has been playing a constructive role in character-formation, development of personality and professional competence

           The department has stated its vision and mission which have been followed to the letter by the faculty who served the college till their retirement and which guide the existing faculty in their responsibility to teach English to all the students who seek education at the portals of St. Michael’s College

           As English as a language took giant strides forward in the globalized world and became a vital force in business and power, the department rose to the occasion by bringing in the much sought-after B.A. Degree course in English Language and Literature. The course has commenced from the 2014-'15 academic year onwards.



       The department envisions national development by facilitating the social, personal and intellectual development of youngsters through advanced communication skills.



          The department shoulders the responsibility of imparting proficiency in English language to enable the students to acquire internationally recognized qualification leading to successful careers and social status.


Classes Handled


     I.               B. A. English Language and Literature

     II.              General English Classes for I & II year

                      B.A. Economics

                      B.Sc. Physics, Chemistry & Zoology



Courses Offered Under CBCS System

1.B. A. in English Language and Literature with British History and Psychology as Subsidiaries.
2.General English for B. A., B. Sc. And B. Com. Classes.
3.Open Course in Communicative English (2015-’16 onwards)


Infrastructure Details



The Department of English which recently transitioned into the status of a Core Department has been provided with all the necessary furnishings by the Management. The department has strictly ensured that it is equipped with all the necessary equipments and infrastructure so as to provide the best to the educators and the educatees. Strict measures are also taken to see that the infra-structure is put to use in an efficient and safe manner. The various facilities include spacious classrooms, internet enabled computers for students and teachers, a mini library, ICT facilties, Language Lab and reprographic facilties.





Department of English

St. Michael's College

Mayithara P. O.



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