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The Kerala University Arts Festival 2014-’15 witnessed a massive inflow of students from St. Michael’s College all set to showcase their share of talents and skills in various competitions. The fete which concluded on the 20th of March, 2015, turned out to be the stomping ground of artistic aces rivalling for reputation and recognitions. Students of St. Michael’s along with Sri. Sam Johnson, Asst. Prof., Department of English who was given the charge monitoring and accompanying the students participating in various events, competed in more than 15 events with students from around 300 colleges affiliated to the Kerala University. Sarun Raveendran of I B. Com. competed in three events and bagged first places in Kuchipudi(Male) and Folk Dance(Male) and a third place in Bharathanatyam( Male). The Ganamela team won many hearts at the venue with their original compositions done by Phinto J Pious of II B. Sc. Chemistry and Unni of III B. Com. The 7 member team received much applause after their performance.  It was indeed an experience for the students who participated in the writing competitions as the competitions gave them a platform to assess their mental ability to respond to situations which called for creativity and controlled stress activity at the same time. The elocution and debate participants rivalled with some among the best known contestants in Kerala which has boosted their morale and confidence. The arts fete on the whole has, without doubt, enabled many to rivet their attention to the pros and cons in their artistic persona. 

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